Can-Am Prices

Wheel Bearings (same brand as OEM)


Wheel Bearings (X3 and Defender)


All Seal Kits (Front or Rear Diff)


Built GEN2 Diff


Built GEN1 Diff


XMR Stock Case SPATV Gears


XMR Billet Case SPATV Gears


All XMR Swaps

Add $300.00

U Joints OEM Replacement


U Joints SPATV US Made HD


2010-2014 GEN2 Rear Diff Rebuild Kit


2015-2018 GEN2 Rear Diff Rebuild Kit


2013-2018 XMR Rear Diff Rebuild Kit


All CANAM (Maverick, Commander, Outlander, Renegade) Front Diff Rebuild Kits

$180 minus X3/Defender

Polaris Prices

Reverse Chain


Gear Reduction


Turf Delete


Snorkel Gear, Shaft, and HD Pinion Plate


Bull Gear


Wheel Bearings RZR XP1000, 10005, 9005, Sportsman, Front Rangers


Transmission Rebuild Kit