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Buy quality ATV and UTV parts in Hot Springs & Little Rock, AR for your vehicle

If you have an all-terrain vehicle, you know the importance of installing quality parts. A faulty chain or axle can ruin the driver’s experience and damage your machine. Protect your investment by choosing a parts shop that cares. Specialized ATV, LLC has over 15 years of industry experience in Hot Springs, AR. We manufacture quality UTV and ATV parts for your rugged chariot.

We’re the only shop that offers Can-Am parts in Hot Springs & Little Rock, AR. We also offer Polaris parts. Come shop with us today.

atv parts in Hot Springs, AR

Understand the difference between ATV and UTV machines

Are you interested in an off-road vehicle? These machines are exciting and invite adventure. An ATV is similar to a dirt bike and allows for a single driver. UTVs, utility task vehicles, are designed for rough terrain and carry two to four passengers.

No matter your off-road choice, Specialized ATV has durable ATV and UTV parts for you to choose from. Visit our store in Hot Springs & Little Rock, AR today.

Did your factory part fail?

Let us build durable, high-performance parts for your vehicle in Hot Springs & Little Rock, AR. We make quality parts that last, so you don't have to worry about continual replacement. You can turn to us for:

Reverse chains

Snorkel gears

Bull gears

Turf delete gear

Rear billet differentials

Bull gear upgrades

Do you need UTV and ATV parts but live outside of Hot Springs & Little Rock, AR? We proudly ship domestically. Check out our online store to start shopping.

can am parts in Hot Springs, AR

Get Can-Am parts that enhance your machine’s performance.

polaris parts in Hot Springs, AR

Make your off-road experience unforgettable with Polaris parts.