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SPATV - X3/Defender Front Billet Differential With Torq Locker

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Product Details

Retail: $2699.99 Complete NEW Differential shipped NO CORE

$2,549.99 WITH GOOD CORE

$1899.99 Install Your internals, new bearings/seals, TRQ locker, in our billet cases shipped back to you

$1199.99 Billet case, bearings/seals you install the parts your self shipped

3 year TRQ Locker warranty

6 month gear/carrier warranty

FITS all X3 and Defenders with the exception of machines with SMARTLOCK. Also fits ALL Maverick Sport and Trail

*Direct bolt in

*no running wires

*Once 4X4 is engaged you will have true 4X4

*Eliminates visco Clutches prone to failing

*Eliminates the weak stock spider gears with a 9310 TRQ locker

*Retains your factory axles

*Cryo treated carrier, pinion and ring gear

*HD C3 rated Bearings, stronger and larger needle bearing that's sleeved with a 4140 sleeve to keep the needle bearing from getting hot and spinning freely inside the needle bearing bore. Great for Baja style racing!!!

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