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SPATV - Turbo Pinion Plate

Product: SPATV-PL-Plate/TRBO
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Regular Price: $50

Upgraded TURBO Transmission Pinion Bearing Retainer Plate

Made in the USA

Our Specialized ATV Extreme Duty TURBO Pinion Bearing Retainer plate is precision cut on a CNC for exact fitment. Cut from 3/8 steel plate, and no jagged edges making it 200% stronger than a factory Pinion Bearing Retainer plate that is prone to bending and breaking bolts. This causes the bull pinion gear to not mesh correctly with the snorkel gear, which eventually causes gear failure. Out SPATV Retainer plate comes with longer 12.9 hardened bolts and has precise bolt hole alignment.
Fits all 2012-2021 Polaris RZR XPT TURBO MODELS

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